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Success in today’s economy means understanding Data. At Promotable, we create education solutions that empower data fluency, career potential and advancement. 

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Our Courses

Our courses are either in-person or live-online and only 5 hours per week, giving you the flexibility to learn in-demand Data skills without quitting your current job.

Intro to Python  

This part-time 5-week course is 25 hours of hands-on training that will introduce you to Python programming required to tackle real-world, data-rich problems.

Intro to Data Analytics

This 6-week 30 hour course will teach you how to use large datasets to make critical decisions confidently.


Our short workshops are designed for busy professionals to add in-demand skills in a condensed format.

Data Jump Start

These intensive 2.5 hour course will teach you how to go from novice to expert in Excel, a powerful data analytics tool and jump start your Data Analytics journey.

Data for Lunch

Short, intensive, and hands-on training designed for busy professionals. Add new skills or stay relevant on new technologies in a concise format with our lunch time series.

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Learn from Real World Practitioners


Promotable’s team of instructors work at top companies and combine real-world experience with people-focused skills.



“I landed the technical position that I wanted and learned a lot along the way.”

Grant A. - Database Coordinator

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“Now i’m able to bridge the data gap between engineering and the end customer.”

Dan M. - B2B Sales Executive

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“After completing this class I am able to tackle complicated data sets that previously made my head spin”

Amy S. - Sr. Media Manager

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