4 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs to Master Data Analytics

Today’s marketing environment is data-driven. Trendsetters like Google have progressively revolutionized marketing with new, innovative technologies and approaches that have placed data and analytics at the center of this essential business practice.

Creative craft is no longer sufficient to drive a successful marketing campaign. It has to be informed with and supported by real data.

It is not just the data tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce that play a significant role in driving marketing results. Rather, it is the people who are skilled in using these tools that matter — and organizations know this. So, if you want to succeed as a marketing hire, technical agility and data savviness will come handy.

1. Data and analytics skills are essential for creating more targeted campaigns

While being able to build a pretty brand or witty ad copy feels impressive, it can generate leads that do not convert into buying customers. This is a common outcome when you market to the wrong people. For instance, marketing pork products to a population that is predominantly Muslim would result in few conversions since Muslims do not consume pig meat.

Good news is, you can apply data and analytics knowledge to study target populations and understand customer needs before investing all your ad spend. With that knowledge, you can run high-impact campaigns by targeting the right audiences.

2. Establishing proof of results

A slight bump in sales could mean that you did an excellent job in marketing. It might also mean that a whole lot of other odds played in your favour. How do you tell for sure that it was one or the other?

Decades ago, this question would send the good marketer fumbling for answers. Today though, the response is direct: you measure the results. This can be as easy as merely studying analytics from your ads — common analytics to study are: Engagement (Clicks and Conversions), Where those Conversions happened (Geo), When, How (Organic Search, etc)

Additionally, you can use these sets of data to determine whether or not you meet your marketing goals and how the results you achieved impacted revenue.

3. Allocate marketing budgets more precisely

When you can track the numbers behind your engagement strategies, analyze the ROI on every campaign and test your results; you’ll know which campaigns need additional investment and which ones can do with a smaller budget. In any case, the outcome will be an accurate budgetary allocation for every marketing campaign you run — efficiently cutting down on wastage of ad spend.

4. Data tools and skills help you set attainable goals

Analytics show a statistical inventory of what has worked and what has not — plus the customer populations that the data has been collected from. Such information can be extremely instrumental in helping you more accurately predict the outcomes to expect.

So, as you can see, there is everything to gain from being skilled in data tools and technologies like SQL and Data Visualization — and everything to lose from lacking such skills. With marketing now being entirely data-driven, it’s inconceivable that you would not know the basics on how to use analytics to make Data Driven Decisions.

About the Authors:

Aaron Filous is the Founder and CEO of Promotable. Deepak Ramnath leads the development of Curriculum at Promotable, He has spent the last 10 years working on the intersection of data, analytics, and visual storytelling in a variety of industries. Currently, he is a Senior Product Manager at an Ad Tech Company.

About Promotable:

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