Business Analytics with Excel

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Course Overview and Structure



This Part Time 5 hour course will develop the kind of mission-critical business analytics skill set that will make you invaluable to any team. You’ll gain confidence navigating datasets, deriving insights and communicating data to stakeholders.

By the end of this course you will learn effective methods to analyze data including using charts, dashboards, and pivot tables and make better, more informed business decisions.


While we don’t have hard requirements you should have some basic familiarity with the below:

-You work with data sets with 100+ rows 

-You've written formulas in Excel before

-You have a basic understanding aggregating data (sum, count, average)

-You've built basic charts



‣ Be able to approach and analyze large data sets using excel.

‣ Understand how to use advanced excel functions like pivot tables to become more productive.

‣ Present data driven insights to key stakeholders.

‣ Use multiple pivot tables, slicers, and charts to create powerful dashboards with all of your KPIs in one place.

‣ Derive insights from your data and make better data driven decisions.

‣ Become better at communicating with data-centric team members or managing your team.


Total Length: 5 Hours

Location: Live Online

Format: Instructor Led

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Upcoming Classes


Chicago - Nov 5

Business Analytics with Excel

Dates: Nov. 5 & 7.

Time: 6:00-8:30pm

Sessions: 2