Course Overview

This 6-week course will teach you how to use large
datasets to make critical decisions confidently. You’ll use industry tools like SQL and Tableau, to analyze large real world data sets. Additionally, you will be able to create data dashboards and various data visualizations to communicate insights.



Understand how to prepare, clean, aggregate, visualize, and build data narratives.



Learn the fundamentals of SQL including database basics, advanced SQL functions, and how to write efficient, dynamic queries to get the data you need to make the best data driven decisions.


Data Visualization and Insights with Tableau

Learn how to get the most out of your data by making powerful charts, dashboards, and other visualizations in Tableau and learning how to communicate those with stakeholders.


Course Takeaways

By the end of the course, you will be able to:


‣ Use Excel, SQL and Tableau to collect, clean, and analyze large datasets.

‣ Understand some of the basic fundamentals of Data Science.

‣ Present data driven insights to key stakeholders
using data visualization and dashboards.

‣ Tell compelling stories with your data.



Week 1 - Analytics Basics:

How to approach a problem, the data analytics life-cycle, dive into EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis), and get started on your data journey.

Week 2 - Intro to SQL:

Learn how to pull, clean, and manipulate data with SQL.

Week 3 - Advanced SQL Functions:

Learn advanced SQL functions and to export your data.

Week 4 - Data Visualization with Tableau

Learn how to connect your data source and make powerful charts and dashboards that help you derive insights and communicate your data.

Week 5 - So What? Telling your Data’s Story

This week focuses on problem solving, insights, and the “so what”. Building on what you’ve learned, you’ll learn how to derive insights, tell your data’s “story”, and develop a problem solving framework to ultimately approach any problem.

Week 6 - Putting everything together:

The last week of the class will focus on some advanced analytical topics including the basics of Machine Learning. You’ll also get a chance to present your final project to the instructor and get valuable feedback.



After completing the course you will receive a Certificate in Data Analytics which you can add to your LinkedIn and Resume.


March 5 - Chicago

Chicago - Data Analytics for Business

Start Date: March 12 2019

Time: Tuesdays/Thursday 6:30-9pm (4 Spots Left)


March 5 - Live Online

LIVE ONLINE - Data Analytics for Business

Dates: March 12 (4 spots left)

Time: Live and Online: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9pm CST


March 19 - DC

DC - Data Analytics for Business

Starts: March 19 (5 Spots Left)

Time: Tuesdays/Thursday 6:30-9pm EST



The total cost for the course is $1500 and Live-online is $695. This includes all taxes and materials.