Data Jump Start



These intensive 2.5 hour courses will teach you how to go from novice to expert in Excel, a powerful data analytics tool and jump start your Data Analytics journey.

Through Data Jump Start, you’ll gain confidence navigating datasets starting with functions, charts, and dashboards, and going to to powerful advanced functions and features like Pivot Tables, calculated fields, and conditional formatting.

After completing Data Jump Start, you’ll be able to leverage Excel’s most important and powerful features empowering you to better analyze data and derive insights.


Data Jump Start I

This intensive 2.5 hour course will teach you how to go from novice to leveraging powerful Excel features like pivot tables and dashboards to jump start your Data Analytics journey.

Data Jump Start II

If you are comfortable with Pivot Tables and want to take your excel game to the next level to get the most from your data. This is the course for you.



After completing both Data Jump Start Courses, you will receive a Certificate which you can add to your LinkedIn and Resume.

Upcoming Classes


Data Jump Start - Live Online

Dates: Oct. 23

Time: 6:30-8:30pm