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A/B Testing and Attribution with Facebook's Marketing Science Partner

We know that understanding data is key to a successful marketing strategy. A/B testing and attribution are two of the most important data driven analytical tools to drive results and deliver better ROI. At this event we will be discussing both of these powerful tools, who uses them, and how to get started.

Key takeaways:

- What is A/B testing, why is it important, when do you use it?

- How does A/B testing help you make better decisions? How to get started?

- What is attirbution and why is it so important?

- What kind of data do you need to get started? How do you get that data?

About the Instructor: Amy Foran is a Marketing Science Partner at Facebook. She previously worked in Data Science and Analytics at both Leo Burnett and IBM. She received her MS in Predictive Analytics at Depaul University