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Becoming Agile with Peapod Digital Labs' Sr. Product Owner

What is Agile and what does it have to do with Product Management? We always hear companies use jargon like Agile. We know it's important, however many people don't understand what it is, when or why to use it and how to get started implementing Agile into your company's processes. 

At this event, what Agile is, how to develop an Agile mindset, and how to implement Agile methodology at your company or your team.  


  • What is Agile? A mindset, not just a process

  • Having an agile mindset

  • How to get started?

  • Development Cycle: From Project to Backlog

  • Agile Product Development Live cycle

  • Building an Agile Mindset into a Company’s Transformation.

About the Instructor: Rodrigue Carneiro is a Senior Product Manager at Peapod Digital Labs. He was previously a Sr. Product Manager at Ahold Delhaize, a large European company with a total of 21 brands with 6500 stores. Including Peapod Digital Labs, Food Lion, and Giant grocery stores. 


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  • Doors open at 5:30

  • Talk begins at 6pm