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How to Pick the Right Metrics w/ Transparent's Partner of Data Strategy

The abundance of available data and metrics creates challenges when choosing which metrics to use for specific purposes.  Learn the considerations and watch-out’s to successfully pick the right metrics and KPIs.

About this Event

In business, metrics and KPIs are everything. Whether we are measuring a marketing campaign, a product launch, or financial performance, they indicate success or failure and drive action toward improvement. Setting the wrong KPIs however, can lead to failure even before your project gets started, or worse direct the wrong actions and have a negative impact on the business.

During this event, you'll learn:

·      How to connect metrics and KPIs to business objectives

·      Practical ways to think about and classify metrics (e.g. descriptive, modeled, composite, vanity)

·      What to consider about your available metrics to guide their usage

·      How to set benchmarks and goals and how to enable optimization

·      A process to facilitate institutional learning through data and measurement

·      Best practices on working with business users to ensure successful integration of metrics and KPIs


About Your Instructor: Josh Vincent is currently the Partner of Data and Technology at Transparent.  He works with organizations to set a data strategy that aligns the set of technologies and analytic approaches to answer questions, solve problems, and drive business outcomes.  He spent 9 years working with brands while at Publicis, WPP, Nielsen, and IRI to drive strategic learning, determine the success of marketing investments, and enable optimization. 


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  • Doors open at 5:30

  • Talk begins at 6pm