Python 101 for Data Science

This Part-Time 6-week course is 30 hours of hands-on training that will introduce you to Python programming required to tackle real-world, data-rich problems.

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By The Numbers


Python is the fastest growing programing language according to Stack Overflow.


The average Salary for Python developers in places like Chicago and San Francisco. According to Glass Door, while the national average is $86,000.


The most in-demand technology for developers according to Stack Overflow


Summary and Takeaways



Week 1: Variables, expressions and conditions

Week 2: Loops, functions and strings

Week 3: Loading data and using Pandas

Week 4: Arrays, supervised learning and regressions

Week 5: Classification, clustering and, unsupervised learning

Week 6: Advanced Python Topics

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

‣Be comfortable programing in Python

‣Learn how to approach Data Science problems and data sets with Python

‣Understand Machine Learning basics.

‣ Get started on your Data Science journey

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‣ 30 hours of hands-on training

‣ Attend on-site or live-online

‣ Small classes

‣ Convenient flexible after-work hours

‣ All classes recorded for later viewing

‣ 5 weeks - 5 hrs/wk

‣ Certificate of Completion

‣ Real world work product that you can use for current projects and future interviews



After completing the course you will receive a Certificate which you can add to your LinkedIn and Resume.

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August 20:



August 20:


LIVE ONLINE - Python 101 for Data Science

Dates: August 20 (1 Spot Left)

Time: Live and Online: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9pm CST

Cost: $895

Total Sessions: 12

Python 101 for Data Science

Dates: August 20 (1 spot left)

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-9pm CST

Location: Chicago

Total Sessions: 12

Deposit: $250

Total Cost: $1950