May 9: A/B Testing with Facebook’s Marketing Scientist

On May 9th, Amy Foran, Marketing Scientist at Facebook, joined Promotable to talk about A/B testing.

May 22: Implementing Analytics initiatives with Discover's Data Strategy Mgr.

On May 22nd, Ravi Krishnan is a Senior Manager - Enterprise Data Strategy at Discover Financial Services joined Promotable to talk about how to get started with Data.

April 17: Marketing Analytics

5 Chicago data science bootcamps uncovering meaning in mounds of data

On April 17, Alexandra Gaski, Data Scientist at McDonald's joined Promotable to talk about the challenges every marketer faces is developing the data, frameworks, and processes to understand and quantify marketing ROI and justify your decisions

Data science is a rapidly growing career path. Whether it's for a young tech company or a Fortune 500 enterprise, having the ability to make sense of piles of data is a very valuable skill. See more here.


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