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Demystifying Data: Data Science for Beginners (Online Event)

Data isn't just for engineers. Join Promotable for a crash course in Big Data and Data Science. Learn how everyone can make data-informed decisions that drive the bottom line.

Join us for a talk with Deepak Ramnath, a Senior Product Manager at a large adtech company. He will show step by step how everyone, not just Data Scientists, can approach real world problems with Data. In addition we will learn what Data Science is, and be introduced to some of the main tools, approaches, and frameworks in the data scientist's toolbox will be introduced through examples and case studies.

By end of this event you will:

Key Takeaways:

  • Be literate enough to begin to understand, analyze, and interpret data so you too can join the data conversation

  • You will have a taste of data science in the context of your business and company

  • Understand the framework for approaching and solving real world problems

  • Be equiped with some of the tools to approach problems in a data driven manner

  • Become data literate enough to help your organization make better data driven decisions

If you like this event and want to dive deeper into Data, check out our 8 week part time course which covers important skills like SQL, Tableau, Python, and Machine Learning. 

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