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Intro to Tableau Crash Course

Are you looking for a better way to communicate your insights beyond charts in Excel or Powerpoint? Want to Learn Tableau but haven't found the time? Join Promotable for an Data visualization with Tableau workshop where we will introduce the fundamentals of this critical business tool and why everyone from Marketing, Policy, Operations, Finance, and C-Suite executives should learn Data Visualization with Tableau. 

We’ll start by explaining the role of data visualization in a business setting, and dive into the process of analyzing data and creating the charts and dashboards to help you effectively communictate your insights. We will cover the basic principles of data visualization, look at how data viz can be used to convey a message, and walk through the process of creating complex, dynamic visualizations.

Key Points

  1. Understand Tableau jargon and vocab

  2. Learn both Tableau basics and best practices

  3. Use Tableau to connect to a dataset, analyze data, and derive insights

  4. Create make visually appealing and intuative charts and dashboards

  5. Learn how to effectively communicate your insights.